Illuminating Birth Center

Who are we

The Illuminating Birth Center is a project of H.E.A.L. International Foundation It is a culmination of over 20 years of involvement, distinct approaches and projects addressing childhood.
This project introduces the significance of childhood throughout the stages of conception, pregnancy & birth, thus setting a strong foundation for childhood to impact its environment.


Our Mission

The establishment of our Illuminated Birthing Center, has the purpose to serve as an invitation towards the souls of illuminated children by paving their way from conception, through holistic pregnancy and birth and bring a much more potent Light velocity frequency to our earth field, impacting our species as a whole.

If after birth, we design ways to nurture, protect and encourage the expression & flourishing of that Illuminated velocity, like we propose through the Child Visions project then the social impact would be distinct and radically transformative

Our Philosophy

The term “Give birth” in both Spanish & Portuguese is “Dar a Luz” which means “Offer to the Light”, “Oriented towards the light”, “Look onto the light”. “Dar” does not only mean give or offer but also donate, linking the meaning of offering and donation with both the birth and the Light.

Behind the usual concepts of conception, pregnancy & birth there is a much wider and deeper reality that relates to The Miracle of Life & The Creation in its widest sense. In ancient Greek the concept of giving & receiving are an expression of the same principle – donation/δωρεἀ So could it be that Giving birth is a “donation” from Life to Itself? Something that is given and received?

In ancient Greek the world miracle means revelation, bringing to the light – which again loops back to the meaning of birth as offer to the light. In a nutshell it appears that the concepts of birth, creation, donation, sharing, offer to the light and miracle are all interlinked concepts describing a single cosmic principle.

We consider childhood as Illumination itself and by definition all the stages from inception, to conception, pregnancy & birth, to be an undivided whole of a sacred process. We believe that It is how illumination impregnates time & space in order to sustain a certain defined range of illuminated energy flowing through the human and animal kingdoms.

The existence of childhood, charges & implants that illuminating energy into the renewal of the human sphere of existence and is essential for the human species survival because space & time erode the inner human consciousness’ potency and degrade its quality.
So the constant conception, pregnancy, birth and early childhood keeps renewing the overall energy field we experience with a frequency that vibrates through the human & animal & most likely plant kingdoms.

Children’s physical body mass is reciprocally equal to the etheric energy field they hold. Mass is inter-exchangeable with energy . This is why children have small bodies which are growing in terms of mass but that also means that their etheric energy drops as their physical mass increases.

When a baby is born, it has a body weight equivalent to 5% of its adult weight. It is 5% mass & 95% light. By the age of 1, weight is tripled becoming 16% of the average adult weight & still sustain 84% of the etheric energy field charge. By the age of 9-10, 50% of that light field is converted into mass. By the age of 15-16, all of the light energy field has gone and converted into their adult body mass.

In order to be accurate let’s clarify a misconception about mass & weight. In physics they are not considered the same thing.

Energy express itself in 2 major ways. If Energy is “in rest”, we call it Mass as it appears to contain matter particles. If Energy is “relativistic” (meaning that it moves) it behaves as a Velocity wave and has no mass or matter properties. (like light does, having no mass, because it never rests)

Velocity is a speed in a certain direction triggered by momentum caused by an external impulse (or inherently possessed momentum like light does) .

Weight on the other hand is the gravitational or other acceleration force applied to an object’s mass by another object or cause. Gravity is the bending of space-time by mass-energy, indirectly affecting light velocity behavior. The stronger the gravity, the slower the light velocity and faster “time moves”

In a sum Weight indicates to what degree Energy is resting as MASS OR moving as a Light Velocity Wave Children’s energy fields start with a strong moving light velocity and little mass and gradually slowdown that velocity and develop more mass. Both their physical volume of mass and their weight confirm that fact. Another way to confirm that human life is sustained by light velocity energy rather than mass-energy, is the undeniable physical decay of the human body from the teenage years onwards.

Why all these are relevant to our Birthing Center?

Beyond the recognition that Light velocity held by infants & young children holds the key to our species survival – even more significantly it can be selectively manifested whenever there is an invitation.